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Terms & Conditions

1. Information about the website website is the property of SC GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL, with registered office on Bozieni Street, no. 7, 830 block, 8th floor, 211 appartment, department 6, Bucharest, registered at the Trade Register Office under No 40/10110/2014, Single registration number 33531734, BRD Bank, Delfinului Branch Bank, Bank account: RO04BRDE426SV79175114260, email address:, called in this Terms and Conditions agreement is an ecommerce website, offering for sale leather goods via internet. In order to purchase goods and / or services from, you will have to agree General selling conditions of, before placing an order.

2. Intellectual propery 

GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL allows you to view and download copies of materials only for personal use and not for commercial purposes. GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL gives you the right to use this site and to send messages, datas or pieces of information to it. The users of this website can send comments, suggestions, ideas or observations regarding the content and the structure of the website, via any method and anytime their content is not illegal, menacing, or defamatory towards GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL or towards any third parties. It is forbidden to send to GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL or to messages containing viruses, messages regarding political campaigns or advertiseing campaigns, messages containing any form of spam. The content of this website, all or a part of it, can not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, resold, visited or exploited in commercial purposes without the written agreement of GALUTRANS EXPRESS SRL.
GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL owns copyright for the whole text content of the website and timeshare for all images of the website.

If you have questions regarding copyright, please contact us on  

3. Changes of the website reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or delete in any moment parts of its content. also reserves the right to restrict users access to a part of it or to the all of its content. 

4. Registering, passwords, rights or client responsabilities

As the user of this site you have the right to be informed and the right to accuracy, and the personnel serving this website will do everything possible to easen the communication with you. Although the information published on this informative website and the presentation made on this website are not reccomendations.`s personnel guarantees for the reccomandations and for the pieces of information given by phone, fax, mail and by support. The status of member of this website is at free choice, so once you are registered you have the right to give up this status and to ask for deletion of all pieces of information regarding you. In order to become member you have the obligation to fill in the registering form by offering some real, complete and exact datas. You have the obligation to mentain and renew your registering datas if needed. If   
 the pieces of information given by you are not real or are incomplete, has the right to suspend or cancel your account from and it has the right to refuse all current or future attempsts of using You are responsible for the confidentiality of your access data to your account and for using your own account, no matter if the authentication is made voluntarily or against your will. Your personal datas will be used only in the purpose above stated. We will not make public nor sell data bases containing pieces of information regarding users`personal datas. will not be responsible for any moral or material damage caused by the action of the user of not respecting this notice. To be able to place online orders, the datas of the billing and delivery form must be correct, complete and verifiable. If the user does not respect these conditions the order might be rejected. Billing can be done only by a person or an entity from Romania.

5. Dispute and conflicts

Any unauthorized access to the website attempt and any fraud attemp will be reported to the authorities. 
The personnel serving igepanleather will try to solve any conflict between the company and the clients by out-of-court settlement. If this is not possible there will be applied romanian legislation of this domain, and the resolving of the conflicts falls within the court of competent romanian jurisdiction. does not guarantees the accuracy, the correctness and the timeliness of the pieces of information or of the services provided by this site. These Termes and Conditions are subject to romanian legislation. In case of dispute, it will initially be attempted to be resolved by means of amicable settlement.If it can not be resolved by means of amicable settlement, it will be considered by the competent judicial body.

If you encounter problems concerning an order and that seem not to be slovable by email or by the person you are talking to, you can get in touch with us by sending an enail to for an free internal conciliation.

6. The Guarantee Certificate

The Guarantee Certificate ensures all the rights conferred by the existing legislation (Law no. 449/2003, O.G. 21/1992, republished and completed by the O.G. 9/2016)

The guarantee does not affects the rights offered to the consumers, rights which are in accordance with the existing legislation.
Fixing the product or replacing it are the means by which it is ensured the guarantee in maximum 15 calendar days interval.
Fixing the product is established by negociacion of both parts.
If there are complaints regarding the quality, these will be made straight in the shop within the guarantee period.
The guarantee term is of 30 days from the selling-buying date, for flaws not in the charge of the customer.
In order to be granted the guarantee, the client must respect thes instructi
- The products that are the subject of the guarantee certificate are made of natural leather, their mainteinace must be made by wipeing them with a soft cloth; grease stains or others impurities are cleaned with a cloth damped in watery detergent. There will not be used  acid substances or diluent.
- Goods made of light colours (white, beige, red or grey, etc.) will be kept away from lipstick, indigo, ink, pen, dark leather, etc. avoiding this way the risk of staining.
- The leather goods made of leathers like nubuck, Russian leather, buffo, suede split, can be cleaned by wipeing them with an earser, natural crep or dried and clean sponges.
- If leather goods are not used for a long time, they will be kept in clean and unprinted nylon bags, away from sun, dust heathing sources.
- Any attempt of the customer to fix the goods, will cancel the guarantee. It is mandatory to be kept the guarantee certificate and the receipt received at the purchasing for the possible complaints regarding the quality.