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Privacy Policy

SC GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL is registered at the Data Protection Register under no. 12065.

1. Responsability

GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL as author, owner and unique administrator of works to protect voluntarily or involuntarily (during website browsing) given datas. Respecting the privacy of the information collected from the users, including personal data, drove to the creation and the application of this Privacy policy agreement.
Using the services offered by website and browsing website is the subject of this Privacy policy and of Terms and Conditions agreement, reason why you should check these pages in order to express your agreement. GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL reserves the right to change the content  of these pages without a notification in advance. Any section of this website and any visitor are the subject of the Privacy policy agreement and of the Terms and Conditions, so if you do not agree these notices, please stop using These agreements are the only convention between GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL ant the users of the

2. The security of the collected datas
GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL uses methods, procedures and security technologies for protecting voluntarily and involuntarily sent personal datas. Voluntarily sent personal datas are being collected using an encrypted connexion. GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL makes all steps from a commercial point of view in order to protect collected data and it puts money into applying new technologies into keepping the hardware and the software systems at a security level as high as possible.

3. Collecting personal data
GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL can collect personal datas via website only with your agreement and only if you provide it voluntarily. The registering form of the website must be filled in with information through which you can be identified while browsing the website or through which we can contact you.

4. Personal data can be used:
- to identify you while browsing the website. Among the advantages of the registering are the following: monitoring online orders, making a browsing history and setting preferences regarding your website browsing;
- to offer you informative services (such as newsletters) or some notices sent only via email;
- to ensure your access to the limited access sections of the website;
- to invoice the products / services ordered by you;
- to deliver products;
- to pay online invoices;
- to answer your requests via email, phone, fax, mail. The content of these requests and answers is kept for future references.

5. Collecting anonymous datas
GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL can collect anonymous data from browsing the website. The data are sent involuntary by the users when browsing some pages of As unique administrator, GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL can operate these data in the following purposes:
- to improve the security of your access    
- to provide the best service;
- to help us create and publish the most relevant content;
- to make analyses and statistics;
- to promote the website and the offered products.

6. Cookies

A cookie is a very small text file which is controlled by the internet browser. In these files can be kept small dimensions rows of text. If your browser is set to accept cookies (standard situation), it will ask the internet browser to place a cookie in the memory of your computer when a user accesses This method is often met because it offers a high security degree. Cookies information are used in order to set indicators as the comeback rate of the website`s users, and also for offering extra facilities like keeping some states or actions between two distinct sessions. If you want, you may use website, in a limited manner, without accepting cookies. In some cases, beside cookies, there are saved also some hardware pieces of information, as the IP address of the computer or the address of the reference site, the case occurring. All these pieces of information help us to affer better services through Anonymous datas will not be sold, rented or alienate to a third party, no matter the reason of the request.

7. Mail and Spam 

Among the actions you can make on, you can ask to receive by mail newsletters where there are presented new special offers or products catalogues. GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL will not abuse your request and it will not send you unsollicited emails (spam). From your account you can update settings of the newsletters that you receive and you can unsubscribe anytime.

8. Children privacy

For GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL, an user of is considered to be minor if we know from a sure source that this user is less than 14 years old. GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL will not sell products or services to minors. Through its structure and complexity, the website it is not for minors. GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL can cash money for products or services for minors, if these are purchased by adults. Minors can access only under parent or legal tutor supervision.

9. Law
The Privacy policy is the subject of romanian legislation. If dispute occurs, we will attempt to solve it initially on an amicable way. If it can`t be solved on an amicable way, it will be considered under the jurisdiction of the court. 

SC GALU TRANS EXPRESS SRL, registered at the Trade Register Office under No 40/10110/2014

Single registration number 33531734

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